Monday, January 14, 2008

PMO implementation & Change Management

Happy New year.
Today I would like to share with you some hints about how to start using EPM 2007 in your comapny .I'm working as Project Management Consultant and wherever I go to a customer he asked me about the best software that can he use to manage projects.Many times I tried to convince the customer to implement a full solution (Methodology , Training and Software) but at the end we go with the software part and once he see his projects in Gant chart he become satisfy and he feel that he has a complete PMO (Project Management Office).
To sell the Project Management Idea to companies you need a very special skills and let me share one fact which is the technical people can't sell the idea easly.Most of them can't manage the changes in a perfect way.
let me share with you my story on this issue.I'm working in the Mideast and in this area the concept of achiving the strategy goals throght Managing company's projects still a new concept here in this area. I tried and I did my best for a company working with thousands of projects to implement PMO and manage all them projects from this PMO but unfortunately every time I do a presentation they become very confused and they feel it is very complex and it will not work.I developed a full methodology for the company and also I installed and configure EPM server but still people refuse to use it.I did my best to push them to use the system but the resistant was very high and I can't afford that.Later on I changed my approach and I start train them on MS Project Professional and after 3 or 4 lessons I tell the trainee that you become one of the best project manger in the company and I meant it because others don't know any thing about Project management.First I convinced them to use MS Project instead of excel sheets and gradually I help them to use EPM server and later on implement the PMO and help them to develop them own methodology and template.
t was a journey and I learned a lot from it so take this gold advice "Start as simple as possible"
My Advice to all technical people or any one want to take initiative step and implement EPM or PMO in his company to work first on Change Management to chang the culture first.
There are a lot of books in Change Management you can find it in Amazon , read it and try to apply what you learn.

Best of Luck
Mohamed Khalifa

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Casey Dale said...

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